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How to Create Relaxing Ambiance

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

How to adjust your candles, kick back and relax in perfect ambiance!

As we welcome our newest models to the Simply Collected 3D Pillar family, we also introduce the ability to adjust the flicker. We are extremely excited about this added feature as we know this means everyone can enjoy their candles in more areas of their home.

The basics (just incase)

Before you can start adjusting the candles' flicker, you'll need to ensure they're powered on. Locate the switch on the bottom of each candle and set it to ON. This will activate the candles and make them responsive to the remote control signals.

Click here for more detailed remote instruction

Mimicking the Natural Flame

When designing these candles the number one goal was to try and create everything we love about real flame candles. That feeling we get in a room filled with candles is hard to match. It's romantic, it's relaxing, it's aesthetic, it's for good reason, loved by all people and all cultures across the world.

The thing is the flicker can be intense in certain lighting and enclosed spaces and rather than needing to turn your candle off or move it, you can simply adjust it. If you find our flameless candles are creating a distracting light rather than a calming light, please adjust the flicker.

Press the "Flicker OFF" button on the remote and your candle light will soften and become a steady stream. The flame will still move slightly which is specifically designed to replicate an indoor candle and allow your now, non-flickering candle to cast shadows and light on nearby objects.

When to adjust the flicker

- When it is really dark

- In a smaller enclosed space like a shelf

- When you feel distracted by your candle (not in the good way)

- In areas with a lot of reflections like mirrors, windows or close to walls

Things to know

The Simply Collected candles default setting is for the the flicker to be ON.

If your candle is richer in color, the remote needs to be closer to the candle to work (Ivory = 6-10 feet, Rose = 2-5 feet).

For optimal performance, ensure a clear line of sight between the remote control and the candles. If you encounter any issues with signal reception, check the battery level in the remote control and maintain a short distance between the remote and the candles. Or email us xo

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