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  • CREATE RELAXING & CALMING AMBIENCE with the most realistic battery candles in the market.

  • EFFORTLESS CANDLELIGHT, EVERY NIGHT gorgeous flickering candles 7 days a week with the daily auto-timer.

  • LONGER LASTING THAN MOST LED CANDLES - Last 4x longer than most flameless candles in the market; enjoy 800+ hours before changing the batteries.

  • PERFECT FROM EVERY ANGLE the authentic look and feel will make your home look radiant, the 3D flame emits a large, bright sconce which pairs beautifully with the extra-thick wax pillar.

  • FAMILY SAFE + WORRY FREE - All the benefits of real candles but without the fire hazard, heat damage, wax-drippings, and spot stains. Safe ambiance for your kids, plants and pets.

  • CLEANER, HEALTHIER HOME - Avoid the toxins and harmful scents of real flame candles.

Ivory Pillar Candles

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