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  • THE MOST AUTHENTIC LOOK: Forget flat-wick fake candles that only look good from the front. Simply Collected 3D Battery Operated Candles are believable from every angle; they have Extra Thick wax pillars and a large sunken warm-white flame that flickers and sways - UPDATED option to turn off Flicker.
  • THE BEST VALUE: With 800 hr run time, our shaped LED candles last 4 times longer than most AA battery powered candles. Save your time and money with over 6 months of relaxing candlelight from 2x C batteries. (Not Included)
  • THE SAFE NON-TOXIC CHOICE: Avoid the fire hazard and toxins that open flame candles cause without compromising on Ambiance, Lighting or Style. Our Electric candles only deliver candlelight benefits! (Indoor Use Only)
  • THE MOST UNIQUE SHAPE: This flameless candle was designed to bring you a soothing, therapeutic atmosphere wherever you place it. Perfect for mantle decor, floating shelves or that final touch to your seasonal table decor. Fill your evenings with the elegant flicker and elevate your home no matter your style. Thanksgiving here we come!
  • CANDLELIGHT, SIMPLIFIED: Use the Automatic Daily Timer and enjoy candlelight every single night. 2, 4, 6 and 8 hour Timer Options with the new 10 key remote. Need Assistance? Local Support from our San Diego or Vancouver office. Your happiness is our priority!

Columned Pillar Candles - Rose Pink - 2 PK

    1. Set of 2,  Same size Candles (order by size)
    2. 10 Key Remote Control with Adjustablble Dimmer, Flicker and Timer (2, 4, 6 and 8 hour options)
    3. Instruction Manual
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