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This page is dedicated to ensuring you are 100% happy with your purchase! 
If you would prefer to talk to a human please email, chat, or book a call.

Success Guide

Electronics can be a little finicky, especially straight out of the box. This quick and easy guide will help you MASTER YOUR CANDLES from the start..


Use high-quality alkaline batteries such as Duracell, Energizer, or Amazon brands.


Experiment with placement to find the best spot for the ambience you are trying to achieve.


For maximum believability, place candles at least 6 feet from you or consider them for peripheral of the room.


Use Either the Timer or the Remote when just getting started then add additional features as you familiarize.


Reset your candles within the first 24 hours (remove batteries, wait 5 seconds and reinsert)


The remote uses an IR frequency that can sometimes react in to other things in your home. Contact us for help!

Thank you for supporting our small business!


We are 100% dedicated to your happiness and always standing by to help. Technical issues, gift ideas or how to style you wedding lanterns..We're here for it all, in fact we LOVE hearing from you: 

Style Guide

Once you’re technically set up we can fun with styling!

Candles are loved world-wide but the added benefits of safety and automation create endless style options for our candles. We recommend you start with our 3 starter guides and then move on to more sophisticated stylings.

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Master the Ambiance for your Space and Create Daily Moments of Beauty + Calm...

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Specific tips for the style of flameless candles you purchased.

How to easily elevate your decor with our Flameless Candles

Ideas for Seasonal Stylings with a focus on Fall and Thanksgiving!

Thank you for supporting small business and helping us reduce our carbon footprint by limiting unnecessary returns. We are 100% dedicated to your happiness!

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